Clothing math

I like to shop at stores such as Winners, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx, where they sell mostly assorted surplus brand-name clothing for huge discounts. Aside, these garments would then be at a reasonable price for what you get. But it’s always really fun to go hunting in a store and finding just the right garment in just the right size at just the right price that just happens to be in the store at that time.

Well, the rest of it is uninteresting or doesn’t fit you.

Sometime last fall, I bought the following items for about $170 with tax:

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First gaming computer build

Can be used to exert lift forces on the case when relocating it.

“This is your captain speaking, welcome aboard flight GBN660…”

My younger brother is your typical 13-year old boy who likes to play video games (read: a lot). Up until now, he’s been making do with an 8-year old Dell desktop which, until recently, did not even have a discrete graphics card; he’s been playing Call of Duty, Rome: Total War, and other games which definitely outstrip the Dell’s capabilities.

Given that desktop computers are collections of parts which you can mostly upgrade or replace one at a time (taking into account compatibility), I thought to build him something on a reasonable budget that can play his games on relatively high settings while showing him how computers work and how he can upgrade or change it over the years into university. Because hell if I’m buying him another computer for college, that’s my San Franci… tuition budget. Yeah.

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Laser-engraved keychains


Front side, company logo

Here are some keychains I made for my last employer. I ordered dog tag blanks anodized in red off the internet, went to a TechShop, made a jig to hold 20 of them, and laser-engraved the company logo on them. There were several variants, but this is my favorite:

Another variant with the logo inside a circle is shown below.

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New one-handed sword design


One-handed sword minus cutouts and hole pattern

When designing SWAG-0002, I couldn’t decide whether it should be held with one or two hands. In the end, I compromised and made the handle one-and-a-half hands long. That’s where this next shape comes in.

The sheet metal outline currently weighs about 0.65 lbs if made out of 1/8″ aluminum, which is about half that of the larger SWAG-0002. I will next put cutouts to make it look cooler, and a hole pattern so two pieces can be bolted together for greater bending resistance (read: moment of area).

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Updates to SWAG-0002


Handle grip

So as you may have seen in my first post, or I may have blabbed to you about it, but I’m designing a sword: the SWAG-0002 “Flugel”. (I took German 101 and someone from Germany told me my German was great, so I think I can get away with this)

It’ll be made of two pieces of sheet metal for the blades, some washers for spacing inbetween, and some handle pieces that go around them. Previously there were two symmetrical handle pieces made from round metal stock, but there are compression issues.

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What is this blogging thing

It's supposed to be a sword.

It’s supposed to be a sword.

I have no idea what I’m doing. Here have a render of what I’m currently working on.

If you have any questions, see the text under “GBOTS” in the upper left corner.

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