Happy New Year!


tipping intensifies

At 12:00 AM EST on January 1st, 2015, I was at a friend’s party plugging in the TV so we could watch the New Year’s festivities on the news.

Happy New Year from the Freecision team! And by that, I mean me. (笑)

Going Green

Keyboard and fan


I recently bought my brother a backlit mechanical keyboard for his birthday and Christmas. However, the green backlight doesn’t match the blue LED on the computer case’s front fan. I called the computer fashion police and they told me to screw off as they were busy ticketing another MacBook Pro clone (looking at you Lenovo!).

Green is my brother’s favourite color and I also hate mismatching colors on things other than clothes. So to complete the package, I bought a fan with a green LED. Now he can truly pursue his dream of being an e-athlete (lol).

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Pimp My Type and Pimp My Electrolyte

This IS how it works, right?

A few weeks ago I ordered a backlit keyboard and spare battery for my ThinkPad. I came home this weekend to see that my mom picked them up from IT Xchange (thanks Mom).

So instead of going out and having fun or spending time with my family, I spent Friday night installing computer parts and playing with lights on my keyboard.

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TeamSpeak 3 Client in Ubuntu 14.04


TeamSpeak 3 is a communication platform with support for voice and text chat, as well as other interesting features. Many online gaming communities use this as their means of comms. Installing the client for Linux requires you to run a script that extracts its program files into the current directory. Launching the program is only possible by running the launch script in the install folder. This can get pretty tedious, so one way to make this easier is to put it on your command line.

One solution is to create a symlink to the launch script and put it in a directory (already) on your PATH. I’ll you show how to install TS3 and get everything set up in this post.

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We freedom now. Precisely.


Aww yeah, sweet new logo

I have now moved my old blog, gborobo.wordpress.com, to this new site and renamed it Freecision. This may be the best $(redacted) I’ve spent since buying sliced bread. I moved over so I could have full control over the name, appearance, and especially plugins.

Excerpts, anyone?

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Pimp My Drive

Rubber rails. Always the answer.

Hi. It’s been awhile but I’m still alive.

I am now attempting to replace the optical disk drive in my W530 with a solid state drive because of the following reasons:

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New Layout


Hello to anyone still reading this.

I’ve moved over to a brighter theme that looks cool and stuff. I’m also preparing to move to a private host for this blog as I want more control over how it looks. In other words,

jk i have a post coming up about installing a second hard drive in my w530 pls dont leave ;_;

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Lenovo ThinkPads: Second Thoughts

Think-Aid. Edited from GeekMecca.com.

Think-Aid. Edited from GeekMecca.com.

I grew up seeing my parents using ThinkPads for work. After seeing them among my friends, I began to revere their minimalistic classic look and yearned for one of my own. I eventually earned enough money to buy a W530 and later a T510, but I recently had my W530 repaired following a complete bricking.

They’re great tanks on the outside, but problems with the internals made me realize I may have drunk too much of the matte black Kool-Aid.

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CNC Shield Chaika Engraving

Yeah, I went there.

In my CNC machining course, we had a project to cut a small shield out of aluminum and add an engraving of our choice in MasterCAM.

Now this assignment was pretty vaguely worded and had a lot of superfluous cutting, so I got fed up and made my engraving of the face of an anime girl. Here’s the result:

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Concentration – Randomly Picking

It took me 2 days to figure out VS2013.

It took me 2 days to figure out VS2013.

I spent my entire Friday night mucking around in C++ because I think I saw people in an anime playing Concentration and I wondered, how long would it take you if you went full YOLO and picked cards at completely random? Also I can’t do the math to figure it out.

I think the anime was One Week Friends, but it’s 2 in the morning right now.

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