Modular Just Got More Modular

People can actually 3D print keys, so I can’t show mine here. Sorry.

I’ve had this giant modular desk and cabinet set in my room ever since I was 12 or so. The walls and dividers are lined with rows of holes so you can choose what goes where.

I realized there’s a lot of vertical space along these walls, and then it hit me: I can 3D print fixtures and stick them in the spare mounting holes! The first thing I did was to make a key hook so I would know where my keys are.

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THREE Dimensions! Ha! Ha! Ha!


So I got a 3D printer in late September, and I’m super excited! Now I can make keychains and random trinkets anytime I want.

Count with me everyone! 1 dimension! 2 dimensions! 3 DIMENSIONS! HA! HA! HA!

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Ooarai Adventure: From Ships to Tanks

Translator’s note: Panzer vor means panzer vor.

Later in the month on August 22 we took a trip to the seaside town of Ooarai (大洗, “OH-a-rye”), a little over an hour northeast from Ueno Station in Tokyo. This town has become famous as the backdrop for the 2012 smash hit anime, Girls und Panzer, and it really showed! There were character cutouts, banners, and merchandise everywhere you went.

I’m super excited that 3 and a half years after watching the 1st finale, I’d be visiting the town where it all started! Panzer vor!

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Tokyo Adventure: Yokosuka’s Bay & Co.

Aircraft carrier Helicopter destroyer.

Tokyo might be in Tokyo Bay, but you know what’s REALLY in the bay? Yokosuka.

My brother and I have returned home, but the adventure continues! This time we went to see ships, shrines and temples, and old-fashioned traditional city with our Tita Baby and Tito Hiro!

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Tokyo, Episode 1

I swear I came here for reasons other than anime.

I swear this is an honest vacation and not just to buy anime goods.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single plane. …wait, what?

This August I’m on vacation to Tokyo with my younger brother Noel, as mentioned in my short post a few weeks ago. It was a decision made somewhat on the spur of the moment, but I’m really happy I did!

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Japan Vacation!

Some time ago I decided to take a long vacation somewhere, and so basically I’m staying in Tokyo for the month of August! I’ll have more updates and pictures of my adventures soon!

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“Whirr” is the New “Vroom”

Black, white, and sped all over.

I took a test drive in a 70D at the Yorkdale Tesla in North York last Tuesday and I was floored… rather, seated by how much torque the cars can instantaneously put out. I was thrown back into my seat just like a roller coaster, but whenever I wanted.

The Tesla is a unit of magnetic flux density. I argue it should also be a unit of acceleration.

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The No-Spin Zone

No Spin Zone

Akemi Homu’Reilly.

After installing a solid state and running Ubuntu, I got super fed up with how relatively slow my hard disk drive was booting Windows. I backed up everything, then bought another Samsung 850 Pro, this time in 512 GB capacity. My laptop has now entered the No-Spin Zone.

I cloned and restored Windows so many times,  it’s like there was my own Madoka Magica happening inside my ThinkPad.

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