The No-Spin Zone

After installing a solid state and running Ubuntu, I got super fed up with how relatively slow my hard disk drive was booting Windows. I backed up everything, then bought another Samsung 850 Pro, this time in 512 GB capacity. My laptop has now entered the No-Spin Zone.

I cloned and restored Windows so many times,  it’s like there was my own Madoka Magica happening inside my ThinkPad.

No Spin Zone

Akemi Homu’Reilly.

I first cloned my hard disk to the solid state using Acronic True Image, which has saved my derrière more times than I can count. I then tested if it would boot. It did! I then went to test Lenovo’s Rescue and Recovery system to see if it could create a fresh factory install image in case I colossally screwed up.


It felt like recreating the universe.

Then I began to replace the hard disk. I opened up the bottom, removed the hard drives and the rubber rails in which it sat. Replacing the drive was as easy as simply inserting it into the bay and sliding it into the connector.


It’s just like Operation, where if you touch something wrong you get shocked.

All set to go, I turned the computer back on and went about my business watching cat vide– what’s that? I forgot to screw the cover back on? Oh.



It now boots Windows in under 20 seconds without any speed-boosting software settings or rapid boot partitions. Compared to 3 minutes, I’d say that’s mission accomplished.