We freedom now. Precisely.

I have now moved my old blog, gborobo.wordpress.com, to this new site and renamed it Freecision. This may be the best $(redacted) I’ve spent since buying sliced bread. I moved over so I could have full control over the name, appearance, and especially plugins.

Excerpts, anyone?


Aww yeah, sweet new logo

I even have my own email on my own site: gbo@freecision.com! I am so excited I wanna post it all over Faceboowait I did already.  Well, now I’m just gonna wait for some emails.

Anytime now.

Anytime now.

“Tell me about Gabe, why did he choose the name,” you ask? Two reasons:

  • Freedom: I pretty much do whatever I want when I get an open-ended project. And if it’s not open-ended, sometimes I rip it a new one and make it so.
  • Precision: If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right, even if it means spending three hours learning something that would save me five and a computer.

Anyway, cheers to breaking more things and frying more circuits!

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