Updates to SWAG-0002

So as you may have seen in my first post, or I may have blabbed to you about it, but I’m designing a sword: the SWAG-0002 “Flugel”. (I took German 101 and someone from Germany told me my German was great, so I think I can get away with this)

It’ll be made of two pieces of sheet metal for the blades, some washers for spacing inbetween, and some handle pieces that go around them. Previously there were two symmetrical handle pieces made from round metal stock, but there are compression issues.

Previously there would be three points of contact: the two outer edges of the handles, and the cutouts where the tangs would sit and be fastened through. The handle pieces would either come in contact at their outer edges and not properly secure themselves to the blades, or they grip the tang and have a small gap between them at the outer edges (which could hurt the hand). Using something like adhesive foam would not be practical as the assembly may be taken apart and reassembled repeatedly.

I redesigned the handle to both change the spacing inbetween the blades to 1/16″ instead of relying on SolidWorks’ SmartFastener dimensions, and to be made from rectangular blanks instead of large round stock. This should make the handle pieces easily CNC/hand millable, and maybe easier to 3D prototype.

The next design for the handle is two rectangular pieces that are screwed together to hold the two blades and a middle piece that acts as a spacer and a cover for the exposed areas of the handle. This results in an entirely rectangular handle, but this can be sanded down to be more rounded later.


Handle grip


Handle cover and middle piece


swag-0002_B exploded

Exploded view


The assembly should now look like this:


SWAG-0002, rev B

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